US Senator Chris Coons – Advancing a Jobs Driven STEM Economy

On Monday, June 22, 2015, United States Senator from Delaware Chris Coons met Daniel Suchenski from the Delaware STEM Council and Randy Guschl from the Delaware Foundation for Science and Math Education at the Senator’s office in Wilmington Delaware for a discussion on growing STEM in the state of Delaware and Advancing a Jobs Driven Economy for the region. As part of the discussion, Senator Coons was presented a copy of Advancing a Jobs Driven Economy, a book produced by STEMconnector’s STEM Higher Education Council.

“At a time of scarce public resources, science is a critical investment,” Chris continued. “Right now, I need your voice, because there are very few in Congress who understand the compounding value of investment in basic and applied science, about the risks we face in intellectual property, and the importance of getting STEM education at the elementary school level right. We’ve got huge challenges ahead but also great opportunities – in green chemistry, in reimagining advanced polymers, in advanced manufacturing – and I’m looking forward to working with you to ensure our nation remains a leader in science.”

Advancing a Jobs-Driven Economy was released in February, 2015 in Phoenix, AZ and Washington, DC. In the book, 62 education, business and non-profit thought leaders share proven models of partnerships that support STEM education and workforce development. The book is supported by an online portal, complete with examples of more partnerships, information about the STEM Higher Education Council, and instructions on how organizations can get involved.

About the Delaware STEM Council: The STEM Council, composed of more than two dozen appointed members representing businesses, educational institutions and government agencies throughout the state, was created by Governor Jack Markell in 2011 to increase the STEM literacy of all Delaware students, thereby expanding the STEM capable workforce and fueling economic growth for all Delawareans.

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