UD researchers examine best irrigation practices at Warrington Farm

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When James Adkins started working at the Warrington Farm just south of Milton, Delaware, in 1999, the farm was plagued with poor drainage, noxious weeds and poor soil fertility.

Now, 17 years later, steady improvements to the soil and the drainage system allow University of Delaware researchers the ability to study irrigation and fertigation treatments for plots of soybean, wheat and corn and to make recommendations to regional growers on how to best irrigate and fertilize their crops.

Irrigation systems: Real rainmakers for farmers

Secretary Kee Daniel Suchenski Randy Guschl on STEM and Agriculture Delaware

In 1973, Delaware boasted about 20,000 acres of irrigated farmland, most of it hand-moved pipe. Today, there are 127,272 acres, 95 percent of it irrigated through center pivot systems that deliver better precision and higher yields.

Both farmers and state officials call the expansion proof that the farming industry is thriving, and its farmers are in it for the long haul as they look for foolproof methods to deliver more product.

DuPont Pioneer and Origin Agritech develop seeds for Chinese farmers

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DuPont Pioneer, the advanced seed and genetics business of DuPont, and Origin Agritech Limited, a technology-focused crop seed provider, announced a commercial licensing agreement to develop new seed technologies for Chinese farmers. This combined effort will contribute to the modernization of China’s agriculture system and improved food security, which the government has set as priorities.

Delaware FFA members receive state, national recognition

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Students from across Delaware are being honored for their agricultural knowledge and skills. Formerly called the Future Farmers of America, today’s FFA organization is a youth leadership association focused on all facets of agriculture, including science and technology. The following members and chapters have won accolades:



National Agriscience Competitors 


On Delmarva, farmers and technology converge

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The image of the hayseed farmer who lacks schooling but works hard in the field raising crops to feed his family — and the rest of the country — is officially a thing of the past. Doesn't matter whether it's your small-scale, hands-on organic farmer providing weekly market baskets to community subscribers or those who grow corn and soybeans on massive fields that seem to stretch as far as the eye can see — 21st century farmers are highly educated and well-versed in technology, science and economics.

US Senator Chris Coons - Advancing a Jobs Driven STEM Economy

Senator Chris Coons with Daniel Suchenski and Randy Guschl in Wilmington Delaware June 22 2015

On Monday, June 22, 2015, United States Senator from Delaware Chris Coons met Daniel Suchenski from the Delaware STEM Council and Randy Guschl from the Delaware Foundation for Science and Math Education at the Senator's office in Wilmington Delaware for a discussion on growing STEM in the state of D

FDA regulations grow fresh demands for Delaware farmers

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The University of Delaware Cooperative Extension has incorporated the impact of FSMA into their workshops and educational materials.

David Marvel Jr. just finished planting nearly a quarter of a million watermelon seeds on his family’s Houston, Delaware, farm. August should bring both the harvest and news about federal regulations that could impact the future of his 106-year-old operation.


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