Symposium & Awards - 2014

Delaware STEM Educator Awards 2014

2014 Delaware STEM Symposium & Educator Awards
Our inagural Symposium was graciously attended by over 200 STEM focused guests from across the state. Congratulations again to the 2014 first and second place winners!  The 2014 Symposium brought together many passionate and influential individuals and organizations working on a common goal of improving STEM education and STEM careers in Delaware. We would like to see this cooperation and communication grow amongst all working for this valuable common goal.
Here are some of the media articles about the 2014 STEM Awards.  
We look forward to working with and seeing you all in the future as we prepare for the 2015 DE STEM Awards. Thank you all again for being leaders in STEM in Delaware!  

2014 Application Material - Please review for reference for future Award Years:

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Program Summary

The Delaware STEM Educator Award recognizes a teacher or team of teachers at both the elementary and secondary levels that demonstrate STEM innovation and excellence through teaching, academic collaboration, and student engagement. A total of two unrestricted $7500.00 cash awards will be given to winning teachers or teams.

The Governor’s STEM Council definition of STEM education and the Council’s three goals are the basis for evaluation of exemplary STEM practice in the classroom.

Definition of STEM:

STEM Education is an approach to teaching and learning that emphasizes integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for all students through student-focused, problem-based curricula and instruction. STEM education fosters creativity and innovation while developing communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills through a focus on authentic and appropriate contexts in curriculum and assessment.

STEM Council Goals:

1) Expand the number of Delaware students who ultimately pursue advanced degrees and careers in STEM fields and broaden the participation of women and minorities in these fields;

2) expand the STEM capable workforce to create, grow and attract STEM-related businesses to Delaware;

3) increase STEM literacy for all Delaware students including those who pursue non-STEM related careers, but need STEM skills


Applicants must be a certified teachers at the K-12 grade level in a Delaware public school.  Applicants must be full-time employees of the school or school district as determined by state and district policies and teach K-12 students at least 50% of the time.

Selection Procedure

For the 2013-14 school year, the Delaware STEM Educator Award Selection Committee (a group representative of the Governor’s Delaware STEM Council) will review all completed applications and select two recipients: one at the elementary (K-5) and one at the secondary level (6-12).  Finalists will be notified of their selection via telephone and postal mail and/or email.  Finalists will be recognized and presented with their awards during a STEM program where awardees will share innovative practices with teachers from throughout the state.  The date and details regarding the program will be included with finalist notification.

Note: Sixth grade teachers in a K-6 environment will be considered secondary level applicants.  

All materials being submitted for consideration need to be received by June 15th 2014

The 2014 Delaware STEM Educator Awards were gracisouly made possible from:

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