Delaware STEM Awards Students from MOE 365

"Getting a well rounded education with a solid footing in STEM today will allow me to be successful tomorrow." - MIchael Canning - President of Delaware TSA.

Are you ready to join in the burgeoning STEM workforce 21st century?

Does the prospect of being at the forefront of cyber security, veterinary medicine, or engineering technology excite you? Perhaps a job in the fast-paced 'green economy', such as environmental engineering, renewable/alternative energys, or building efficiency have always been a passion. Or maybe a more hands-on work atmosphere if your style like machinist disciplines, drafting/design work using various CAD programs, or an technican work using the latest computer diagnostics.

These STEM careers are often high paying and in constant need for skilled workers willing and able to get trained in appropiate disciplines. Today's world is full of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics connections whether it be in school, at home, indoors or out.  STEM is all around us, and the job of investigating, building, and maintaining all that is around us while inventing new technologies along the way is for you to learn and explore.  By the time you realize what is here today, someone will have invented the future.  Welcome to tomorrow, welcome to the hub of STEMtastic opportunities!!!

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Resources for Robotics - Also participants in a FIRST Robotics team are eligible for the scholarships:

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Dover High School Student Speaks about importance that STEM has had on his life in Delaware

Dover High School student, Ifunanya Nwogbaga, discusses STEM's importance on his life and future. To hear his presentation as well as presentations leading to the kick-off of the DE STEM Educator Awards click here.