October 2017 STEM Events in Delaware

Innovation Hub ( Library)on Rt 9 Opening 2017 October
Delaware STEM
The calendar is full of chances for any of you to attend events, recognitions etc. Please consider
a. 10/5. DMC is having a name speaker from UD speak of Math reform in Delaware and a large grant they seek. Math is a key part of STEM.
b. 10/12.The lead teachers of NGSS are in a 4 day training retreat in Lewes and have asked  our Board members to drop in , anytime 10/12-16 to see what actually is happening.
c. 10/14. The long awaited Innovation Hub ( Library)on Rt 9 was dedicated publicly Tues, Sept 12, but the public open house for this modern STEM Clubhouse and part of our Rt 9 Gathering project is all day Sat , Oct 14, Bring the family!
d. 10/18, The highly regarded Inspiring Women Conference will be at the DPCC from 9-5 and DFSME and MWM will be highlighted. If you have never been there  consider paying and going.
e. Lt Gov Bethany Hall-Long is a true passionate advocate for STEM, and all aspects of gender and diversity when equity in STEM Education is key for Delaware. She has agreed to be the Honorary Chair for our Delaware Leadership Team and we hope to take her with us the National MWM Gala and Workshop in DC ), Oct 23-24. Please consider joining us. Last year Delaware led the nation with 16 from our State.
f. 11/9. The Annual Presidential Science and Math Awards dinner at DSU. We sponsor the runner-ups and this is the highest Teacher audience in Delaware for recognition of what we believe in. Great turnout last year.
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 11:45