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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Lauren Pulte 202-429-6875 The Science Coalition Honors Senator Chris Coons (D-DE) for Commitment to Maintaining America’s Leadership in Scientific Research Washington, DC, October 8, 2014 –The Science Coalition today presented Senator Chris Coons with its Champion of Science Award in recognition of his strong commitment to funding the basic research that keeps the United States and the state of Delaware at the forefront of scientific and medical discovery and technological innovation. The award was presented by University of Delaware President Dr. Patrick T. Harker and Deputy Provost for Research and Scholarship Dr. Charles G. Riordan at an event at the University of Delaware’s new Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory (ISE Lab). The ISE Lab, which opened last October, brings research and teaching together in a state-of-the-art facility, and engages students of all majors in science and engineering. It is home to the University of Delaware Energy Institute, the Delaware Environmental Institute, and the Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation. The University of Delaware is a member of The Science Coalition. “Senator Coons understands how crucial it is for the federal government to support scientific research at the university level. Over the past few decades, American companies and consumers have come to rely on research universities like the University of Delaware for discovery and innovation. Research universities now perform more than half of the basic research in this country and a growing portion of applied research,” said President Harker. “UD researchers are tackling such global challenges as the need for sustainable energy sources, a clean environment, high-quality health care and much more. We know that those efforts would be severely hampered without federal support. We are grateful that Senator Coons knows it, too." “We are pleased that Senator Coons is being recognized for his myriad contributions helping to shape federal policy in support of funding for basic research and STEM education,” said Dr. Riordan. “Senator Coons understands that curiosity-driven scientific research, which provides the foundation for innovation and economic prosperity, is a public good that derives from the nation’s research universities and national laboratories.” “Advances in science and technology have long been at the heart of our economic growth and dynamism. From antibiotics to the Internet, we’ve made many of our most profound discoveries because we made it a national priority to invest in science,” Coons said. “As we seek solutions to some of our most vexing challenges, scientific research and innovation must continue to play an important role. It is a great honor to be recognized by partners like the University of Delaware and the entire Science Coalition who continue to push the frontiers of scientific discovery every day. We have so much more to do to invest in our future, and I’m eager to continue our valuable work together.” During his first term in Congress, Senator Coons quickly established himself as a strong and vocal advocate for federal investments in research. A chemist by training, he has deep working knowledge of the importance basic research and its impact on society. As a member of the Senate Appropriations and Budget Committees, Senator Coons has consistently fought for investments that create jobs, promote innovation, support education and strengthen the U.S. economy. He is a supporter of the Golden Goose Award, which honors federally funded researchers whose work may not have seemed to have significant practical applications at the time it was conducted but has resulted in tremendous societal and economic benefit. “Senator Coons understands that in order for America to remain competitive in the global economy, we must invest in our future,” said Science Coalition President Jon Pyatt. “In his time in the Senate he has continuously demonstrated this by introducing, advancing and supporting legislation that promotes basic research and STEM education. He embodies a true Champion of Science.” The Science Coalition’s Champion of Science Award recognizes members of Congress whose actions and votes consistently reflect their belief that basic scientific research, conducted at universities and national labs across the country, is essential to the nation’s ability to address pressing issues in health, security, energy and the environment, and additionally, that a strong federally supported basic research enterprise drives innovation that fuels the U.S. economy. Senator Coons joins a distinguished group of more than 60 current and former members of Congress who have received this award since 1999. # # # The Science Coalition, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization of the nation’s leading public and private research universities, is dedicated to sustaining strong federal funding of basic scientific research as a means to stimulate the economy, spur innovation and drive America’s global competitiveness. Learn more at

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