Intro to JavaScript - Girl Develop It Wilmington Delaware

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Apr 21 2018 - 11:00am to Apr 22 2018 - 4:30pm


JavaScript is the world's most popular programming language for a reason -- it's the primary way to build interaction on the web. Learning JavaScript is a logical next step once you've learned HTML/CSS.

Many programming courses end up glossing over some of the tricky words -- 'variable', 'object', 'method' -- this course is especially designed for beginners new to programming concepts, so you'll learn to program with JavaScript. If those words are confusing to you now, no worries! You're exactly who we want to teach.

In this class, we will be covering: basic development concepts, writing our own JavaScript functions, browser events, web animation, and we will touch on the jQuery library. Students will exit this class with a good grasp of basic programming principles and the knowledge of how to manipulate HTML elements.

Prerequisites: You should have a working knowledge of HTML as a prerequisite for this course. This course is specifically for beginners and we highly advise experienced developers to not take this class.



• Your laptop. (Note: a netbook or tablet is NOT a substitute!)

• A modern browser such as Chrome ( or Firefox ( installed.

• A text editor. We recommend Sublime Text 3 ( (It's free and available for Mac/PC/Linux).


Jocelyn has been designing webpages since she was able to get her parents to agree to a monthly subscription of AOL. After learning HTML to customize her AOL profile, more searching found a group of teenagers that were using a combination of HTML and CSS to put out 2-week layouts on their personal blogs. From that moment, she was hooked.

Fifteen years later, she rediscovered her passion for creating and paired that with the love of the challenge of solving complex problems through successfully completing a 12-week Java boot camp Zip Code Wilmington. Following the program, she accepted a position as a Java developer with JPMorgan Chase. After nearly 2 years with JPMorgan, Jocelyn now works for O3 World, an agency in Philadelphia where she is honing her skills as a full-stack developer and finding a love for DevOps.

When she isn't nose deep in documentation or participating loudly as a voice for diversity and inclusion among technologists, you can find her playing Overwatch, League of Legends or watching 90s anime. She is still particularly found of Sailor Moon and still wonders on a daily basis if she should get a cat and name her Luna.


There is metered street parking in Downtown Wilmington and it's free on weekends.

The recommended parking lot is Colonial Parking at 12th and Orange Streets. The entrance is on Orange Street. This lot is open from 7am - 9pm.



Please plan to either pack a lunch or have a place nearby in mind to grab food; lunch will be 30 minutes.

Please note that our events are for 18+ only. Classes are non-refundable.


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Saturday, April 21, 2018, 11:00 AM to Sunday, April 22, 2018, 4:00 PM

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